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2607FB Andenas, The Treaty of Nice and Beyond. 33,--  Order
4049AB Araszkiewicz, Logic in the Theory and Practice of Lawmaking. 84,--  Order
8012BB Barten, Rechtsfolgen der Manipulation bei juristischen Prüfungen. 27,--  Order
115GB Beeres, NL ARMS Netherlands Annual Review of Military Studies 2016. 40,--  Order
4017AB Billing, The Right to Silence in Transnational Criminal Proceedings. 84,--  Order
113GB Costa, Virtuality and Capabilities in a World of AMbient Intelligence. 45,50 Order
438JB Einführung in das schwedische Rechtsleben. 20,--  Order
3033FB Finnish Yearbook of International Law. 28,--  Order
488AB Follesdal, Real World Justice. 75,--  Order
2808FB German Yearbook of International Law. 58,--  Order
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